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No body could deny that the essential of Multi Timer in the time control is up to a good performance with highest accuracy. Our SPT( Seroun's Pulse Timer) is designed and assembled to the highest standards, which has been enjoying a good reputation in industries of dust collector and washing machine. Standard products are 6P,10P 12P, 16P, 20P and 26P for AC 110~220V, and 6P and 10P for DC 48V respectively.

Model Identification
General specification
Application Time control for bag filter of the dust collector
or for washing machine
Type AC and DC
Input voltage 110~220V free voltage
Output voltage 110~220V free voltage
Frequency Actually the frequency change does not matter
in range of 30~100 Hz
Time control The function of Pulse Time and Delay Time can optionally manage the time interval of any sequential step.
Ambient -20~50 [.C ]
Alarm Power LED and Output LED
Installation Inside the panel or indoor

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